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The need to stay agile and adapt in a tech-led future is a challenge facing all organizations operating in every sector. Whether you are Deliveroo, Thames Water, G4S or IHS Towers (look out for more details on their upcoming panel debate in our next article), organizations need to use the right technology and have access to a flexible skills base to be resilient to change. Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) from these diverse organizations will be in London on February 28 for eWorld Procurement & Supply to share their insights into the future of procurement technology.

Disruptive digital technologies, and digitalization in general, are transforming how the procurement function delivers value. Joining these visionary leaders will be experts from the procurement industry that have embarked on their digitalization journeys and technology specialists introducing the latest innovations.


Among the experts sharing their digitalization knowledge:

Supply Chain Director at Probrand, Ian Nethercot, will share insights into the technologies that can reduce manual processes, drive efficiencies and increase transparency, as well as consider the barriers to adoption and how to plot a roadmap to move forward with disruptive technology. He will also discuss current CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply) research into digitalization in the volatile IT category.


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