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At Spend Matters, we focus quite deeply on helping procurement practitioners make the right decisions about the technology they invest in to improve their processes, efficiency and value proposition. As any procurement person knows, it’s all about Value for Money, where value relates not just to price but to fit, size, ROI, ease of use (and hence uptake), scalability and so many more factors – see How to Best Buy Procurement Tech further down.

To help Procurement cut through the minefield of vendors in the market and get straight to a shortlist of relevant solution providers, our analysts need to discover and get to know as many vendors as possible across a multitude of categories, from sourcing through to payments, from established players through to emerging ones. Once we discover an interesting vendor, we conduct a pretty granular examination of the solution’s capabilities, market presence and roadmap (a subscription service) and offer insights into its value proposition, both in our free-to-access tech directory and procurement solution mapping engine.


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