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Good CO2 reporting: the CPO’s practical guide to the journey

15:00 - 15:40

Session Overview

Moving from expenditure based to granular value adding

You have obligations to report Co2 emissions and want to get it right.  The starting point for many has been to use an emission factor and multiply that by the amount you spend.

This gives 100% coverage but does not reflect what you are actually buying and from whom.

The alternative means peering into your supply chain and extracting more comprehensive data from them so more accurate calculations can be made.

Guy will discuss this with Christian, CPOs  who are leading their businesses on this journey, and will share their experiences at the CO2 emission ‘coal face’ (!)

Guy Strafford, Chairman – Carbon Quota
Christian George, VP, Global Head of Procurement – Condé Nast

Location: Balmoral Room

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